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  • Step into the next era of banking: Convenience, Flexible, and Personalized pace.
  • Freedom to manage your finances seamlessly at the comfort of your own space.
  • Take control of your finances: check balance, make transactions, and many more.
  • Enjoy banking services at your fingertips.


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Elegant Saving

Account to develop savings habits among people with basic account features.

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Remit Saver A/c

This scheme targets migrant workers with Nepali work permits, aiming to boost financial inclusion, savings habits, and lasting customer bonds.

Fixed Deposit A/c Icon

Fixed Deposit A/c

A fixed deposit offers higher interest rates compared to regular savings accounts, requiring funds to be locked in for a set duration.

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Personal Finance Management

Personal Finance Management aims to provide users with a powerful tool to manage their finances effectively.

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Goal-Based Deposit

Goal-based Deposit is a tailored financial tool designed to help individuals save and invest towards specific life goals.

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Expenses Tracker

An Expenses Tracker is a feature to enhance user experience by automating expense management within the banking application.

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